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TopYo Nation is an Chinesee yoyo maker established 2011. It's run by a group of professional yoyo players who met through yoyoing and decided to establish their own brand. All of their products are designed and tested by yoyo players, which is in itself a proof of dedication and well designed products.

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  • 700 Kč

    Colossus III is the newest version of the affordable, mid-sized throw from TopYo. It features a simple stepped shape, 5cut centering bearing and it's manufactured from a high-grade 7003 aluminium.

    700 Kč
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  • 40 Kč

    Replacment yoyo strings from TopYo. Made from 100% polyester.

    40 Kč
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  • 450 Kč

    Creater is a metal yoyo intended for two types of players. Beginners who just have to get a metal yoyo as their starter and for professionals who want a fun, atypical throw to add to their collection. You can adjust this yoyo by swaping responsive, slim bearing for a unresponsive, concave one (both are included in the box). Thanks to it's unusual,...

    450 Kč
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  • 350 Kč

    TopYos first attempt at making a plastic performance yoyo. This unresponsive throw deliveres metal-like performance for fraction of the cost and makes a great carry with yoyo for players of all skill levels. MoJo also features a hub for horizontal finger grinds which which will bring another dimension to your skill. 

    350 Kč
  • 750 Kč

    Silenus is a metal version of the plastic MoJo. Wide bodied, H shaped, US style yoyo with a centering bearing and some very nicely done andoising. 

    750 Kč
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items