Yoyo Finger Tape


69 Kč


Self adhesive tape for finger protection

More details

Many players who start with yoyos often complain of sore fingers. The string itself can get pretty tight and your middle finger is not yet used to it which leads to abrasion. There’s a solution to this problem! This yoyo tape is made from a  special, self-adhesive material which only sticks to itself. Meaning that your finger won’t get dirty from any kind of glue (like a plaster does). The tape is also very durable so it won’t wear off so quickly. 


To apply this tape simply cut (or tear) a bit of the roll, wrap it around your finger a press it slightly. That’s it - you can now play until exhaustion. 


Another cool thing about this tape is the fact that it’s very durable but it does not limit movement of the finger. So you can use it for a long time (you can actually reuse it) and it won’t get in the way of your tricks. 


We especially recommend this tape to players who are starting out and to 2A players who suffer the most.

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