Conkave / 10 Ball Bearing


150 Kč


Change your classic bearing for a concave. It forces the string away from the sides to the centre of the yoyo and therefore creates longer spin times. Different sizes.

More details

Quality, cleaned (unresponsive), concave bearings will, thanks to its shape, prolong your sleep and allow you to do more complicated tricks.

Three sizes:

Small (A) fits most of classic Duncan yoyos - Frehand Zero, Freehand, Pro Z, atd.

Medium (D) for HSpin yoyos, Duncan Momentum and other models.

Big (C) for yoyos such as Strix, Echo 2, YoyoFactory models, Yoyofficer a most yoyos from other manufacturers. 


If you're not sure which size is the best for your yoyo, try searching it on Google or send us a message. 

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