Tribute yoyo t-shirt


350 Kč


Newest creation from our workshop - a tribute to the grandfathers of modern yoyoing. 

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Back in 2001 when we started playing with yoyos, there was one place to go and learn all the cool tricks. The original Sectory Y. It was a place where legendary players like Paul Escolar, Gary Longoria or Doctor Popular shared tricks which they created. Tricks which are still taught and used today. Tricks which are used at competitons. The entire site was done by Gabe Lozano. There were no video tutorials and all the tricks were done in simple graphics. Step by step instructions with tons of arrows were the way to learn yoyo tricks back then. And unlike today all the tricks had names. Great, original names with stories attached to them. And this t-shirts pays tribute to them, to the people that essential created modern yoyoing and to the website where we learned how to yoyo. Thank you Sectory Y! 


T-Shirts we're using are from Bella+Canvas company and they're made from a 145g fabric.


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