As with anything else, your yo-yo can break or fail to function properly. Usually this happens because the bearing gets dirty, maybe because you have an old string, or any number of issues that you can usually solve yourself. Before you decide to return your yo-yo, please take a look at our blog, where we try to fully describe and give solutions to all of your problems. Alternatively, call us and we will try to help you from afar.

If this doesn’t work, feel free to bring it into our shop or send it to us. We’ll look at it, repair it, work on setting it up good as new, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll propose an alternative solution. By law we have 30 days to process your request, but we try to solve everything much more quickly than that.

Please send to your packages to our store: YOYOSTORE, Jirchářích In 1285/12, Praha 1, 110 00

Be sure to include your return address, phone number, and reason for returning the product (like wrong colour, bad bearing, broken axle, etc.). Ideally, try to call us first, and we will try to solve everything without worrying about shipping: +420 732 54 73 77