Free yoyo lessons twice a week

We hold free yoyoing lessons in our store every Tuesday from 4pm till 6pm and every Wednesday from 2pm till 4pm. No need to pre-register, all you have to do is to show up and we'll teach you whatever you want to learn. It's usually led by our homeboy Milan Kurfiřt who enjoys coming up with new tricks and alternative ways of yoyoing. You don't even need to have a yoyo with you! We have plenty that you can use. Are you a parent and you're not sure what to do while your offspring is tangled up in strings and yoyos? Why not to enjoy a cup of coffee (espresso, aeropress, frenchpress & drip) and free wifi while Milan takes care of the untangling.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on +420 732 547 377 or at


For example we can teach you the following:

  • essential yoyo basics
  • advanced and professional yoyo tricks
  • yoyo and string maintenance tips
  • all the different types of yoyos or play styles
  • how to clean or lube your bearing
  • system of Czech (and Worldwide) yoyo contests, including all the tricklist tricks
  • advice on what to do when ...