Jan Kordovský 

Jan Kordovský, also known as Korda, is throwing yoyos since 2003. He’s the owner of YOYO STORE and he’s also the only full time employee. Jan takes care of orders, emails, social media, blog, videos and basically everything surrounding the store. He makes sure everything runs smoothly and he sets the stores direction.

Jan used to compete regularly when he still had time a patience to practice. His biggest achievement is the Czech National Master in X division and some second and third places in 1A. He’s also (partly) responsible for the first Czech yoyo - Hugo z Hor - which he did with Ondra Sedivy. He takes the biggest pride in organising the 2014 World YoYo Contest - the largest WYYC that ever took place and also the first modern WYYC that wasn’t held in the USA. He’s also a part of the Werrd family. .

His favourite yoyo setup is: white string, concave bearing, blueprint pads and a plastic yoyo




3 yoyo releated things: (worldwide) comunity, oportunites, travel

3 metal yoyos: Irony JPX, The Flying V, 401k

3 plastic yoyos: Speedaholic, Hyper Warp Heavy Wing, Freehand 1+0

3 yoyo players: Steve Brown, Hank Freeman, Skip+Stu

3 yoyo events: first Czech YoYo Nationals, weekly yoyo seshions, EYYM before 2010

3 yoyo tricks: superman, wind up, grind to triangle from AG 

3 sounds: Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers, Stairway to Heaven

3 foods: spicy indian, kfc, BBQ

3 drinks: FlatWhite, green tea, weird fizzy soft drinks

3 yoyo videos: GlassLab experiments, yoyo.cz production, SectorY production

3 things that he carries everywhere: inept remark, string dust, opinion on everything and everyonene