Q, Who are you and why the .CZ domain?

A, We’re a group of yoyo players, some of us have been throwing since 2002 and we still do. And yes - we kind of started as a Czech retailer and haven't really thought it through :)

Q, Lots of people can claim that! What makes you so special that i should order from you?

A, Well… We’re quite nice for example. And also we’re not just people looking to make some business from selling yoyos, we’re part of the yoyo community. We’re the founders of the Czech YoYo Association which is responsible for various international events such as European YoYo Championship and more recently for holding the first modern World YoYo Contest outside of the United States. 

Q, That’s very nice. Why should i care? 

A, Because we know what we’re selling. We know what makes a good yoyo, we know how to maintain it and we know what to do with it. You wouldn’t buy a new car from a greens grocer would you? 

Q, All right. What yoyo should i get than?

A, Ha. Good question! If you’re a beginner your should have a look into our “First yoyo” section where we picked the best current yoyos for beginners. If you’re an advanced player you probably already know what you want. If you don’t than email us with your requirements and we’ll try to help you out. Choosing a yoyo can be a very specific thing and players taste develop with his experience. 

Q, Hm. Ok. Let me try it the other way - what’s the best yoyo?

A, There isn’t one universal one. Everyone likes something different. You just have to try them out and see for yourself. 

Q, Where are you from?

A, We’re based in Prague, Czech republic. That’s central Europe, next to Germany. 

Q, Never heard of that. Never mind. Do you have a physical store?

A, Yes we do! We started with a webstore in 2009 and gradually grew into opening a retail store from which we had to move into a larger one in 2013. Check out this page where you can read all about it.

Questions about shipping and orders:

Q, When will i receive my order?

A, Usually within a few days - it varies between 2 and 6 working days, depending on your location.

Q, Where do you ship to?

A, Currently Europe. We’re looking into intercontinental shipping as well. We ship WorldWide! Europe, USA, Americas, Asia, Australia... You name it! 

Q, How much is the shipping?

A, It's free if you purchase things for over 200USD (180EUR). If you're not ready to spend this much on yoyos than have a look into our shipping category - it all depends on where you live.

Q, Do you provide a tracking number?

A, Yes. Immediately after we ship your package we’ll send you a tracking number and a link so you can see where’s your package.

Q, Who do you ship with?

A, We use FedEx for Worldwide deliveries. If you live in the European Union we offer a cheaper alternative using the Post office. 

Q, I hate the post office. Can you ship my stuff with someone else?

A, Yes! FedEx to the rescue!

Q, What payment methods do you offer?

A, We try to have as many methods as possible. Credit card gateway is the most convenient, PayPal is also pretty quick and you can even wire transfer to our bank account. That usually takes 3 working days and doesn't work outside of the EU though.

Q, All these yoyos and kendamas… You have them in stock?

A, Yep. All in stock and ready to ship.

Q, Why are you more expensive than the USA stores?

A, Because our prices already include the European import & value added tax. If you live outside of the EU however we will deduct the 21% EU tax upon checkout. Cheaper toys - woot! 

Q, What?

A, When your order from USA to Europe you have to pay VAT (sales tax) at the customs office. How much depends on your country but it’s around 20% in the EU. 

Q, So i don’t have to deal with the customs if i order from you guys?

A, If you live in EU than no - the package goes straight to your mailbox. No delays, no extra charges. If you live outside of the EU (especialy Brasil, Israel or Russia) your package might be processed by your local customs office. 

Q, I would like to return my purchase. Can i?

A, Of course. Just contact us at info@yoyostore.cz and we’ll help you out with that. 

Q, What do i do if my order hasn’t turned up?

A, That shouldn't happen, but in the event of any issues contact us at info@yoyostore.cz

Q, Can i call you? I am lonely.

A, Yes, You can.

Random questions about everything else:

Q, How do i get sponsored by a yoyo company?

A, Pracice, practice, practice. Be nice to new yoyo players and be patient. Also don’t be a douche. None likes that. Especially yoyo companies. 

Q, You don’t have the colour i want! Are you going to have it anytime soon?

A, Uh - maybe. For some reason yoyo companies keep making new colour version of their products like crazy. Sometimes the colour ways reappear, sometimes they don’t. Usually they don’t.

Q, Your site doesn’t work on my iPhone.

A, Yep - we know. We’re working on it. Sorry!

Q, Why are you called yoyo store? That’s not very original…

A, Well we’re a store. And we sell yoyos. That was our logic behind that. Fortunately there aren’t as many stores selling yoyos as there are food stores (for example) so we kind of think we can get away with that.

Q, Why don’t you have this or that brand which i REALLYREALLY want?

A, We’re quite stubborn and we refuse to carry some brands even if people demand it. Usually because they’re not quality products.

Q, My yoyo is not spinning round it's axle and just spins randomly at the end of the string.

A, Throw it harder. Practice. Than practice some more. It will happen eventualy. 

Q, Allright - it spins now. But it won't come back to my hand! 

A, You probably bought an unresponsive yoyo. Those are for more experienced players. Put some lube into the bearing and it should come back. Beware that this is going to decrease spin time. Alternatively you can learn a trick called "bind".