It’s not just about business. Our store is for everyone who like yoyoing as much as we do. Our doors are always open to you, even if you don’t feel like buying anything..


We’ve been yoyoing since 2002 and together with the Czech Yoyo Association we organize the Czech and international yoyo scene. We cherry pick only the best for you. If you’re wandering, we’re here to help you make your decision.


Twice a week we hold free yoyoing lessons in our store. Whenever you come, we’ll help you improve. We can tell you what you’re doing wrong and how to overcome the problem.

YOYO STORE is the first European retail store specialized in professional yoyos. We personally select the best pieces from various parts of the world. We work with companies from Australia, USA, Japan, China and Malaysia. But it’s not just business! We want to show you that you can have a lot of fun with yoyos, that’s why we have more than 80 models in storage that you can before you buy. We also try to keep current with news from around the yoyo world. We sponsor a team of promising young yoyoers and we try to foster talent when we see it. We hate uniformity and that’s why we’re trying to run our store differently than what’s the norm in the Czech Republic. When we opened in 2011, it was a courageous step and we weren’t sure what’s going to happen. Now we never cease to be amazed by where we’ve found ourselves since then. From our start in a small, shady room in a back alley we soon had to move to a bigger place to provide enough space for the yoyoers wanting to spend time together and learn tricks from each other - just like we did when we started yoyoing in 2002.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday you can come for a free yoyoing lesson to the store. If you don’t have the time then, we’ll be happy to help when you do! We’ve been yoyoing for years and we know our yoyos very well. We’re also co-founders of the Czech Yoyo Association and the International Yoyo Federation, which allows us to organize various events. Do you want to put together a competition? Let us know and we’ll help you! We’ve been organizing the Czech yoyo nationals since 2004, we also restored the tradition of the European yoyo competition and in 2014 we held the first World yoyo championship outside of the USA.


We are featured in:

...you’d think we were in one of those trendy San Francisco coffee shops that boast a bike shop in the back. Actually, there are only a handful of stores like this…

Prague is a city full of hidden gems which is why I’m not surprised that this underground community exists. Stepping into the YOYO STORE was a breath of fresh air.

After only dropping in to have a look I left the shop a proud owner of a new yoyo and a month later I'm completely hooked on it. It's a great place, great people and a fun stop in the city.

Unlike you, these guys didn't stop playing with yoyos when high school ended. Why would they?! Life got stressful after that and nothing takes the edge off like a yoyo.


And this is our team



We’ll help you start your own yoyo event or project. If you need prizes for competitors, you want to borrow a camera, cut your video or you need money to help you fund a contest, send us an e-mail with your plan and we’ll try to do our best. The more information you give us the better.

In 2015 we sponsored: 

  • EYYC - European YoYo Championship / Poland
  • PYB - Prague YoYo Battle
  • NYC - North YoYo Contest
  • RYC - Rakovnický YoYo Contest
  • Winter Kendama Battle
  • British YoYo Nationals 
  • Budejovicky YoYo Contest
  • Teplicke YoYo Zavody
  • Spring Kendama Battle 
  • Vlasimske YoYo Zavody
  • South Moravia YoYo Contest

In 2014 we sponsored:

  • HRYZ - Hradecké YoYo Závody
  • TYC - Tuchoměřice YoYo Contest
  • NYC - North YoYo Contest
  • CYA Tábor
  • Teplické YoYo Závody
  • Veltruské YoYo Závody
  • Třebíč YoYo Battle
  • SMYC - South Moravia Yoyo Contest
  • Yoyo workshop v Motole
  • SLYZ - SuperLibovýYoyoZávody
  • Yoyo Mistrovství České Republiky 2014
  • Italian YoYo Nationals

In 2013 we sponsored:

  • Prague YoYo Battle
  • Regionální knihovna Karviná
  • Tuchoměřický YoYo Contest (TYC13)
  • Vlašimské YoYo Závody (VYC)
  • Veltruské YoYo Závody
  • Žonglpárty
  • South Moravia YoYo Contest
  • Pelhřimovský YoYo Contest
  • Duncan YoYo Contest
  • Krakonoš yoyo open
  • SLYZ, Kralupy nad Vltavou (SLYZ13)
  • Yoyo Mistrovství České republiky 2013 (YYMCR13)

In 2012 we sponsored:

  • Tuchoměřický YoYo contest
  • North YoYo Contest (Ústí nad Labem)
  • Veltruský YoYo Contest
  • South Moravia YoYo Contest (Moravský Krumlov)
  • YoyoCamp Contest (Pec pod Sněžkou)
  • Slovenské YoYo Mistrovství (Bratislava)
  • ZŠ Tusarova YoYo Závod (Praha)
  • Super Libový YoYo Závody (Kralupy n. Vltavou)
  • Žonglpárty (Praha)
  • Pelhřimovský YoYo Contest
  • Žonglovací Marathon (Praha)
  • Barevný svět dětí yoyo workshop (Praha)
  • Hradecký YoYo Závod
  • Yoyo Mistrovství České Republiky (Praha)
  • Vánoce v Motole