In 2011 we opened the first specialized yoyo retail store in Europe. In there you can find the complete selection of products from YOYOSTORE.CZ, including strings, extra gear, response systems and clothes - all of which at the same prices as in our e-shop. Besides yoyos you can refresh yourself with a can of soda or just snack on Jelly Bellys. Recently we started playing with Kendamas too, so we offer a wide selection of this Japanese toy.

We’ll gladly help you with the beginnings, give you tips on how to take care of your yoyos, or teach you how to clean the bearing. If you have any problems, need an explanation on how to do some specific trick, or if you just want to learn anything, every day you’ll find someone in our store who will happily advise you. You’re welcomed even if you don’t feel like buying anything. You can try out all the yoyos that we sell and sometimes even try something special from our own collections. There’s free wifi in the entire store.




How do you get here?

Public transport: We’re in the city center, so there’s a lot of possibilities how to get to our store. In 500 meters range there are Národní Divadlo, Národní Třída, Jiráskovo náměstí tram stations or Národní Třída, Karlovo Náměstí and Můstek metro stations.

By car or on a motorbike: There’s always a parking spot to be found close to our store that you can use for 10 minutes, either in the blue zone (residential parking), or semi-legally with hazards on. Local police men aren’t too active and when they are, they’re considerate. You can get to the store either from Národní třída or from Masarykovo nábřeží.


We accept credit cards!

Prices in the retail store are, of course, the same as in the e-shop.

We like animals!

You can visit us with your dog. There’s plenty of water, possibly some snacks as well.

We have the internets.

There’s free wifi in the entire store. Just ask for the password.

Now you can have a peek thanks to Street View:

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