Kaizen Silk - Beech Kendama


700 Kč


Beech wood Kaizen kendama with a "Silk" surface

More details

Kendama USA and their model line KAIZEN. Simply said it’s the method that the Kendama itself is put together. Unlike the Tribute line, these are not “screwed” together. The cup part (sarado) is simply pushed onto the spike / stick part. Kaizen is also a Japanese philosophy of constant improvement which applies to both the manufacturing process and your improvement of your tricks / skill. 

Kaizen Kendamas are made in various versions which differ in the type of wood which is used. Beech wood in this case. Kaizen Kendamas are made from wood which comes from forests with FSC certificate (wikipedia). That basically means that these things are made with environment and sustainability in mind. And we approve of that! 

Tama (ball) itself is coated in special Silk surface (much like ProModels)  which is a lot stickier than the standard glossy paint but bit less than the SuperStick version. This allows the player to make tiny adjustments while performing balance tricks.

Packaging includes a spare string, replacement bead, small trickbook and Kendama USA stickers.

Basic features:

  • traditional design
  • quality & durable beech wood
  • updated ken shape
  • updated ball / tama hole
  • special silk surface
Maintenance requires just a string change
Made in China
Designed in USA
Assembly: Kaizen (traditional)
Height / Size: 18cm / standard
Wood: beech wood
Tama surface: silk

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