Flatpack Kendama


677 Kč


Flatpack Kendama from 44RPM - build your own working Kendama from 2D to 3D. 

More details

Flatpack Kendma is made from a single piece of flat wood which you can easily transform from it's 2D form into a fully working 3D Kendama. This genius idea is brainchild of Hank Freeman (3 times world yoyo champion currently living in Prague) and Drew Tetz (trick inovator of the year from New York) and the whole concept of this thing is beautifuly done.

Packaging itself (designed by Drew) is a hand printed record sleeve in which you get a round piece of birch wood with individual assembly pieces lasered in. You simply pop them out (no tools required) and put the entire thing together into a fully working Kendama. 

Everything is designed and made in the USA by both Hank and Drew themeselves. Assembly instructions are printed onto the packaging or you can watch the video in the top section of this page. 

Special feature Flatpack 3D assembly
Maintenance requires just a string change
Made in USA
Designed in USA
Assembly: flatpack
Height / Size: 18cm / standard

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