Kaizen 2.0 - Trip Split Kendama


700 Kč


Second generation of the popular Kaizen kendama with a tama covered in three striped silk paint. Made from ash wood.

More details

Kendama USA team took their main series Kaizen and improved it to better fit needs of players all over the world. Thanks to some slight changes, this model is great for performing all tricks you can think of.

  • wider hole in the tama for easier spiking
  • slightly bigger cup
  • cup rims widened and arched to lock in stall tricks
  • thicker ken for solid grip

Trip Split model has two-coloured design which is helpful to track the hole while tama is moving. Tama is painted with silk matte finish so all balance tricks are no problem even for beginners. Trip Splits are made from ash wood which is getting really popular among professional players.

Maintenance requires just a string change
Designed in USA
Assembly: Kaizen (traditional)
Height / Size: 18cm / standard
Wood: Ash
Tama surface: Silk
Material wood

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