Response system

Silicone Friction Stickers


85 Kč


Extra silicone stickers for Duncan yoyos. Two sizes - 12mm and 13,7mm. If the yoyo doesn't come back, you probably need to change the response system.

More details

Stickers that ensure a proper return of your yoyo. This new generation of Friction Stickers is made from silicone and because of small adhesion, they provide an appropriete "return force" for advanced players. These stickers also last way longer.

We offer two sizes, which differ in the inner diametr.

12mm - suitable for yoyos with a small bearing (Freehand, Freehand Zero, Flying Squirrel...)

13,7mm - meant for yoyos with a large bearing (Freebird, Hugo Z Hor, Diversion), but you can use them for the yoyos with a small bearing too.

For string tricks we suggest that you use only one sticker. These stickers aren't meant for looping. There are 8 pieces in the package.

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