Jianzi F1 (Featherball, Shuttlecock)


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Jianzi / Featheball / Shuttlecock - the F1 is the offical size and weight for competitions

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Jianzi is an ancient game, also known as Featherball or Shuttlecock. It’s more than 2000 years old and it originated in the far east. It’s very popular in Asia thanks to it’s simplicity and a number of games one can play. Everything revolves around the “ball” which is a heavyweight base with various (duck or goose) feathers attached. Thanks to those the ball is much easier to control than footbag for example. The whole game is therefore much slower, easier to follow and far more attractive. The “F1” is the more advanced version of the Jinanzi balls, because the feathers are straight and therefore quicker than the beginner ones. However it fulfils the official Featherball association rules and can be used for various competitions.  


There are a number of games you can play with Jianzi:

  • individual freestyle when you kick the ball around and perform various tricks using your body parts (similar to Footbag). 
  • In pairs (or in a group) when you kick the ball around and try to accomplish the largest amount of exchanges possible.
  • The official game which takes place on a badminton sports ground with the net being 1.6 meters above the ground. Rules for singles, doubles and teams (3 people per team) apply. The official rule book can be found HERE.


The easiest way to imagine what this is all about is if you watch the videos above this text. We prefer to just kick the Jianzi around with friends while hanging out. Similarly to yoyo the Jianzi is helping to develop coordination and can be considered an aerobic activity. 

Weight (grams) 15 - 17

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