Classic yoyo


275 Kč


This is YoyoJams idea of an ultimate first yoyo - Classic. Perfect yoyo for both beginers and professionals. Made in USA.

More details

YoyoJam's been making yoyos for more than 12 years. Everything they've learned during that time they put in the model Classic. Here in the YOYO STORE we realize how difficult it is to start yoyoing and how important your gear is. We can safely say that together with the First Base, the Classic is the best choice for a beginner. 


If you compare the Classic with other models in this category, it's a slightly bigger yoyo. That makes it easier to hit the string and the size helps with stability and sleeper time. There's a slim C bearing and rubber O-Rings, which allows the yoyo to come back to your hand easily. It also makes the yoyo totally service-free. Therefore it's easier for the player to learn the basic tricks and advance to the proffesional level faster.

Proffesional kit

Once you learn the basics, there's no reason to change the Classic for something more advanced. All you have to do is to get a wider bearing, a silicone response system and turn the Classic into an unresponsive yoyo for more advanced yoyoers.


Proffesional kit: we've been listening to your requests and we created an unresponsive set which you can get with the Classic. If you select this option you're going to recieve the yoyo (with the original, responsive slim bearing for begginers) and also an extra bearing (concave & unresponsive) + a pair of silicone response pads (for the ultimate unresponsive experience). So once you learn the basics you can jump straight to the proffesional level.

Diameter (mm) 58,3
Width (mm) 41.0
Weight (grams) 63
Response system O-Ring
Ballbearing Slim
Ballbearing size C (large) 6.35mm x 12.7mm x 4.52mm
Bind required? responsive yoyo which comes back with a tug
Shape Butterfly
Maintenance requires just a string change
Made in USA
Designed in USA
Gap fixed

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