FlipSide yoyo


500 Kč


Unique yoyo that allows you to choose between a big and a small bearing. Ideal for beginners who power through the basics and are eager to learn more advanced tricks. 

More details

Long expected model from Duncan that will grow with you as you improve thanks to a system of interchangeable bearings. With a simple flip of spacers you can swich between a small SPEC bearing for the beginnings and a bigger concave bearing for longer sleep. That's appreciated by more advanced players who don't want the yoyo to return easily. You could compare the FlipSide to yoyos such as Protostar, Hubstack or XLR8. With it's H shape it's a remake of the classic Freehand Zero, so it's no surprise that the response system is delt with by SG stickers (k-pads/silicon/IrPads). 

The price is very sensible, especially when compared to the competition, which is also exceeded by FlipSide's quality of manufacturing and durability. The yoyo si practically unbreakable.  And if you think you would get bored by one yoyo, make note that the pogs on the side are standard size for Duncan yoyos, which makes it easy to personalize your yoyo accornig to your current mood. 

Diameter (mm) 56.89
Width (mm) 39.61
Weight (grams) 64.5
Response system 19mm pads
Ballbearing Konkávní a FLAT
Ballbearing size C a A
Bind required? dvě ložiska v balení - možnost volby
Shape H-Shape
Maintenance requires string and response system change
Made in China
Designed in USA
Gap fixed

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