Half Split Tribute Kendama


650 Kč


HalfSplit Tributes from the mighty Kendama USA

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This kendama is great for both beginners and professionals. Made entirely from beech wood and part of a Tribute model line. That means that the two individual pieces which create the ken ("stick") are connected by a small metal tube. Unlike traditional kendamas which are just pushed against each other and can sometimes fall apart. Another advantage of the Tribute solution is that restringing the kendama from right to left handed play has never been easier. Just turn the kendama around and string it from the other side. 

The ken itself is slightly adjusted for better weight balance and grip. These HalfSplit damas have the "silk" coating (much like ProModels)  which are a lot stickier than the standard glossy paint but bit less than the SuperStick version. This allows the player to make tiny adjustments while performing balance tricks. There's a reason for this split design (apart from the obvious design feature) and that is orientation while performing complex tricks. You are much more likely to spot where the hole is and consequently you have a better chance of "spiking" that massive combo you've been working on.

One more thing we have to mention is a fact that all Tribute kendamas are made from wood which comes from forests with FSC certificate (wikipedia). That basically means that these things are made with environment and sustainability in mind. And we approve of that! 

Packaging includes a spare string, replacement bead, small trickbook and Kendama USA stickers. 

Maintenance requires just a string change
Made in China
Designed in USA
Assembly: Tribute
Height / Size: 18cm / standard
Wood: beech wood
Tama surface: silk

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