Too Hot yoyo


1 250 Kč


Metal signature series of Harald Owens the III

More details

We saw some prototype versions in 2014 and rather liked it. This is the final, Harald approved, version which is slightly adjusted from the prototype. The yoyo itself started it's life as a H.O.T. and has been refined to suit Haralds play style. Too Hot is slightly narower, lighter and the profile is a bit more angular. 

More good news comes when you find out that the price is now lower as well. Too Hot has moved into the more budget segment of YoyoFactory yoyos without loosing any of the premium equipment. You still get a Center Track bearing and beadblasted surface for superior grinds. The yoyo itself comes in a rather nice, reusable plastic container which can be used as a display box (and if you have more of them they're stackable). 

Diameter (mm) 56.55
Width (mm) 44.84
Weight (grams) 67
Response system 19mm pads
Ballbearing Center Track
Ballbearing size C (large) 6.35mm x 12.7mm x 4.52mm
Bind required? unresponsive yoyo which requires a bind to return
Shape Butterfly
Maintenance requires string and response system change
Made in China
Designed in USA
Gap fixed

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