Hatchet yoyo


1 250 Kč


Hatchet derives from an earlier model Brave. The main difference is a completely new distribution of weight and a general load off to 66,2 grams. The original shape got fundamentaly modified resulting in a lighter feel while preserving great qualities of the Brave, which are a long sleeper and a good stability. 

Hatchet is a bigger yoyo with a nice feel and shape which fits your hand perfectly. It's a very universal yoyo too. Do you just want to practice in your room? Or are you planning to go into the spotlight of a big competition? You can always count on the Hatchet. Thanks to its high quality surface, the Hatchet is great for grinds too. And you know what else? You can tell everyone that you're the only person in the world who owns this yoyo! Each piece is coloured by hand, so every yoyo is an original. 

In the box you will find a Center Track bearing (assuring that the string won't slow down the yoyo), a string and an extra pair of black Yoyofficer pads.

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