Kitty String TALL yoyo strings


55 Kč


Players favorite string now available in extra long version

More details

Kitty Strings continue to prove their image of “for the players” maker by listening to demands of players and making stuff they want, even if there’s comparably just a small portion of them. Wide variety of options now got even wider with these extra long (150cm) TALL Kitty Strings (normal thickness). These strings are perfect for complicated around arm / body tricks and ambitious lacerations. 

If you wonder how something like that might look just hit the “video” tab above this description and continue browsing that Instagram account. That’s Riccardo Fraolini from Italy. He’s the go to person if you want to see some incredible tricks with the TALL Kitty String. 

Kitty Strings are handmade in the Philippines by one and only Hiro Koba. They’re popular for their softness and the quality of materials (100% polyester in this case) used.

ProTip: if you don’t like the length of these you can always cut and adjust them to fit your style!

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