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A very unusual yoyo from 44RPM - the Blues is an oversized throw with wooden weight rings and a lot of character. Definitely not a yoyo for everyone.

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44RPM exists only (basically) only a few months and one would expect that they’re going to play it safe with their initial releases. Affordable, average metal yoyo which would please most people and a maximum number of people is going to get one. But no. Hank and Drew are no businessmen so they’ve released the Blues. Oversized monster with wooden weight rings. One of the most original yoyos released in recent years. And we love it! 


Blues is oversized and certainly won’t fit into tiny hands. A bit over 60mm in diameter, it really is massive. Which is great because it’s different from everything else on the market today. It’s also great if you have real trouble hitting strings :).  And the weirdness doesn’t stop there. You can also adjust the weight (and also the feel and noise) by inserting two lasercut weight rings into a slot which is machined near the outer rim. Each weighs about 2.5 grams so the overall weight rises to nearly 70 grams. Which is quite a lot. But look at it! A metal yoyo with a touch of wood. Unusual combination which makes the yoyo really stand out. 


Another interesting bit is that you’re getting a ninja like star in the packaging. It acts either as a visual enhancement of the yoyo (it fits perfectly into the inner ring) or as a perfect tool for getting the knots out of the string gap if you mess up that complicated trick. 


Should we mention how the yoyo plays? Do you really care? If you’re intrigued by this you’re throwing long enough to appreciate it and you know what you’re getting into. It’s certainly not intended for stage use. But if we must point out something it would probably be the stability and the fact that it spins forever. 


One last detail we have to share with you. You can fit a tea candle into the centre of this yoyo. I am not sure what purpose that serves but hey - it’s certainly interesting.

Special feature Wooden weight rings and accesories
Diameter (mm) 60
Width (mm) 44
Weight (grams) 69.95 with rings / 64.73 without
Response system 19mm pads
Ballbearing Center Track
Ballbearing size C (large) 6.35mm x 12.7mm x 4.52mm
Bind required? unresponsive yoyo which requires a bind to return
Shape Butterfly
Maintenance requires string and response system change
Made in China
Designed in USA
Gap fixed

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