Kitty String FAT yoyo strings


50 Kč


Hand made yoyo strings from the Philippines. 100% polyester, XL (the fattest) version, different colours.

More details

Kitty Strings are extra strings for your yoyo. Hand made in the Philippines and used by the majority of hardcore yoyo companies such as Japanese Yoyorecreation, Canadian CLYW, HongKong's C3YOYODESIGN or American Crucial.

FAT Kitty Strings are made from 12 threads of string, therefore they're a little thicker than the standard version. But you can still throw amazing loops with it, both on sucides or slacks. The manufacturer recommends them especially for the 5A - Freehand style of yoyoing. If you want to really feel the string on your fingers buy choose the FAT version. And in case you were interested, Hank Freeman, the world champion in the 3A division, uses these exact strings. 

The strings are 130 cm long, longest we have to offer. There's not the classic loop at the end of the string, so you can ajust your string according to your needs. You'll find out how in a video above this text.

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