Single Stripe F3 Kendama


900 Kč


Sweets Kendama F3 with a single, horizontal stripe - cushion paint for easier ballance tricks

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Models from latest F3 series from Sweets Kendamas are perfect for beginners and those who want to learn first tricks easily. Improved ken shape and Cushion Clear finish on tama make this a great choice as a first kendama for anybody.

Single stripe model has one wide horizontal stripe in the center of tama for better orientation of hole position during rotation of tama.

F3 ken is made from beech wood and has a standard size, so it's approved for competitions. Cups and their edges are well-shaped, so all the tricks like birds and stilts are easy to do.

Cushion Clear tama finish is one of the stickiest we have ever had in the shop. Thanks to that, learning lighthouses and lunars would be no sweat and even practicing some hardcore combinations of these tricks would require significantly less effort than doing it on a slippery tama.

Assembly: Kaizen (traditional)
Height / Size: 18cm / standard
Wood: beech wood
Tama surface: Cushion (sticky)

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