Slaydawg Kendama


1 500 Kč


New Kendama family from KROM - slightly larger, with new "LOL" clear paint & a ballbearing inside the tama.

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"The best kendama ever." That's what KROM team says about their latest flagship model. It may sound a little bit overhyped, but we think it's not that far from truth. Months and months of creating, testing and improving came to an end with a brilliant result - Slaydawg. It is a whole new series of premium models and it brings a few major innovations:








  • Regular+ Size - Kendama has slightly bigger tama and cups, which means that loads of tricks are easier to perform. Height still remains standardized 18 cm, so you can use Slaydawgs at competitons.
  • LOL Clear Finish - Brand new "smart" paint on tama. Finish feels rubberized, but it's not that sticky as common Rubber models and it does exactly what you want for each type of tricks.
  • KROM Bearing - Instead of ordinary bead, KROM did a favor to the kendama world and put a small ballbearing on the string inside the tama. This eliminates string tension and makes the tama spin for longer time while doing some specific tricks.

Besides these innovations Slaydawg also has bigger hole and a stripe around it, so tricks like spikes, birds and stilts are a little bit easier.

Each model has some specific features different from others.

6Y Birthday

  • Ken and tama are made from maple wood
  • Drilled hole in the base cup for better lunar balance

3D Don

  • Ken and tama are made from maple wood

Nihon Ash

  • Ken and tama are made from ash wood
  • Laser engravings inside cups and on ken for better grip
  • The best-playing kendama we've ever had in YOYO STORE!

If you are an advanced kendama player, you definitely should try the mighty Slaydawg, because it's just superb!

Assembly: Kaizen (traditional)
Height / Size: Regular+
Wood: ash or maple
Tama surface: LOL Clear

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