Replay Pro Clear yoyo


420 Kč


2014 World YoYo Champion Gentry Stein signature yo-yo - Replay PRO. Plastic, affordable, durable & fun! 

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Clear edition

Probably the most anticipated yoyo of 2015. Plastic signature throw designed by the World YoYo Champion - Gentry Stein. Replay PRO is made from a very hard, durable and half-translucent plastic which is also bead blasted. Profile view reveals an organic H shape with a very solid feel in the hand. By no means fragile or badly built - solid and planted. Which (weirdly) doesn’t mean clumsy or awkward - it’s actually pretty nimble and (if you wish) fast. And it’s smooth. Dead smooth. One of the smoothest moulded yoyos we have every played with. Replay Pro is, thanks to it’s shape, very stable and has enough momentum to have a massive spin. A feature which is improved by the premium Centre Track bearing - it keeps the string in the middle and prevents the yoyo from slowing down. 

But the best thing about this throw is the fact that it offers features and equipment as yoyos three times it’s price. I don’t think we saw a yoyo this good for such a low price. It’s clearly better than some low budget metals and we can safely say it’s our new favourite plastic from Yoyofactory. Maybe even from other manufacturers as well. If you’re looking for a fun, affordable and well performing yoyo - get the Replay Pro. 

Play for Fun. Play to Win. Play for Keeps. Play Again. REPLAY!

Diameter (mm) 58.41
Width (mm) 44
Weight (grams) 69.5
Response system 19mm pads
Ballbearing Center Track
Ballbearing size C (large) 6.35mm x 12.7mm x 4.52mm
Bind required? unresponsive yoyo which requires a bind to return
Shape Butterfly
Maintenance requires string and response system change
Made in China
Designed in USA
Gap fixed

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