Pen Fidget Spinner


270 Kč


Small, one bearing Fidget Spinner with a SpinTop attachment and the possiblity to attach it to a pencil. Versatile and pocket sized. 

More details

This atypical Fidget Spinner has just one central bearing. The other three are replaced by steel bearing balls which gives the spinner enough momentum to keep the satisfying spin going. The package includes one SpinTop tip which can be attached to the bearing and turn the hand spinner into a miniature spinning top. The other accessory included are two rubber bands which help with attaching pencils (or thin pens) to the spinner. You can either mount it to the top of the pencil and you can fidget while writing that important essay which is due tomorrow. Or you can mount it more towards the tip and let the spinner run on a piece of paper. It makes some really interesting patterns. 

Special feature SpinTop tip in the box
Diameter (mm) 57
Weight (grams) 45,68

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