Butterfly yoyo


140 Kč


Butterfly has been manufactured since 1958. It's an essential part of everyone's collection, an absolute must. A classic.

More details

Duncan Butterfly is a traditional piece and it's one of the most popular models from Duncan. The yoyo was released in 1958 and it has been around ever since with just a slight difference - these days the yoyo is made from a durable plastic instead of wood.

It was with this yoyo that Duncan set the rules of modern yoyoing, mostly because of it's shape. A majority of modern yoyos derives from it.  

Butterfly is a classic yoyo suitable for beginners to learn the basics of yoyoing and conquer the first steps. The yoyo has a fixed axle and it’s not possible to open it. You don’t feel like learning any tricks? No need, butterfly is the perfect stress release.

Diameter (mm) 55.6
Width (mm) 33.62
Weight (grams) 45.7
Response system Starburst
Bind required? responsive yoyo which comes back with a tug
Shape Butterfly
Maintenance requires just a string change
Made in China
Designed in USA
Gap fixed

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