Reset yoyo


320 Kč


An affordable plastic yoyo, a great performer and a lot of fun.

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This unresponsive yoyo is great for any level of yoyoing. If you feel like a handy beginner, you can properly learn the basics with Reset. Afterwards it's just a lot of fun. 

Reset is made from hard, durable pastic. It's very strictly V-shaped, kind of like the legendary Speedmaker. This time-proven shape is great for fast tricks and for the transitions between them. Japanese team Yoyomonster knows very well how to make an amusing yoyo worth your money.

The yoyo comes with a concave bearing and classic 19mm pads for proper return.

Diameter (mm) 55.12
Width (mm) 40.27
Weight (grams) 63.5
Response system 19mm pads
Ballbearing Concave
Ballbearing size C (large) 6.35mm x 12.7mm x 4.52mm
Bind required? unresponsive yoyo which requires a bind to return
Shape Butterfly
Maintenance requires string and response system change
Made in China
Designed in Japonsko
Gap fixed

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