Uncover the Magic of Vienna: An Invitation You Can’t Resist

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Are you a fan of trips to various places which you have planned yourself? Do you like to spontaneously dive into the atmosphere of the city and to merge with the crowd that carries you through the streets? Or you better join a group tour with a professional tourist guide who will add a few local points of interest? Do you like to wander on foot, take a bike or do you take the local bus?

While visiting Vienna you can choose a city tour that meets all the requirements and expectations of a „stranger“ in the new city.

The private comfortable taxi to the centre of Vienna will be arranged by our Taxi Wien Bratislava taxi service.

In order to make your decision how to spend your time in Vienna easier, herewith we add 5 interesting city tours in Vienna which you can try.

By bus

Organized city tours, bus cruises, personal guide – this is the basis and a proven classic of exploring the city of Vienna.

If you bet on a comfortable city tour of Vienna, hop on any of the Hop-on-hop-off-Buses that will take you to all of the “must see“ memories. It is totally up to you next to which memory you hop off and after having explored it you again hop on. This bus ticket is valid 2 days.

Of course, selected companies, as e.g. Vienna Sightseeing Tours, Limousinen-Service, or Vienna Tours arrange commented cruise city tours for the tourists with various types of circuits and at precisely specified times.

If you prefer individual walkings with professional interpretation, order a private „tailored“ tourist guide based on the language and topic you are interested in.

On a coach

Cabs or droshky belong to the atmosphere of Vienna similarly as the St. Stephen´s Cathedral or the Prater. For a lot of tourists, a horse-drawn carriage ride is the peak of their visit in Vienna.

The cab stations are located on various places, e.g. Stephansplatz, Michaelerplatz, Albertinaplatz, Petersplatz or Volksgarten.

Small round trip, great round trip, individual round trip or a trip through the Central cemetery – these are the possibilities how to experience Vienna from the comfort of a cab and perhaps you can get a few dozens of years back in history. You can rent a „droshka“ from mid-March to the end of October.

With yellow or historical tram

You can visit the most important historical memories in a comfortable way also with the Vienna Ring Tram or the historical tram of the Tramwaymuseum.

The yellow Vienna Ring Tram passes along the Vienesse Ringstraße and the most important memories – Vienna State Opera, the building of the Parliament, the Art-History Museum, the Museum of Natural History, Hofburg, Rathaus, the Burgtheater and the University of Vienna. The trip takes approximately 25 minutes and the tram leaves every half hour between 10.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. from the Schwedenplatz.

Every evening you can explore the dominants of Vienna also with the historical tram of the Tramwaymuseum during a half-hour trip. You can start your journey next to the Otto Wagner Pavilion.

On the ship or on the boat

There are numerous ways how to explore the Blue Danube and Vienna itself from the water surface and you will choose the one that fits your lifestyle the most.

Let yourself drift on the surface of Danube from April to October with the DDSG Blue Danube cruise ship. During the sightseeing cruise through the Danube canal and the Danube the crew will take care about your culinary experience from the Vienesse cuisine and you can devote yourself fully to observation of the surroundings.

From May to October you can travel along the Danube canal on the ship of the NationalparkBoot from the centre of Vienna to the part of the Lobau National Park and here you can explore the local floodplain landscape.

For the classics we can recommend a nostalgic cruise on a ship – old-timer. For the more active visitors there is a possibility to rent an own ship, including the captain or rent a canoe. And, eventually, you can take a boat taxi service and enjoy the individual trip on the river. You can also organize a party on the boat or a romantic night trip.

On foot along the hiking trail

Hiking trails with a total length of more than 240 km pass the Vienesse forest on the border of the city or through suburban recreational areas. You can reach them comfortably with public transport and you can easily find your way thanks to good marking. Numerous refreshment possibilities and wineries along the way, benches and tables on beautiful views and forest meadows will make your walking even more pleasant.

As a matter of classics we can mention the so called City tourist route No. 1 that is 11 km long and it leads from the final stop of the Nussdorf tram through hilly terrain to places with beautiful views of Vienna, the Vienesse forest and the Danube. From other popular tourist routes we mention the Green Prater, Bisamberg or the round tourist route with its length of 120 km for the more demanding tourists.

With a taxi to Bratislava or to the Schwechat airport

Whether you decide to explore the city of Vienna on foot, on a bike, from a bus or on a coach, Bratislava Airport Taxi will take you back to Bratislava (to the airport/to the centre) reliably and safely.

It is enough to order our taxi services online and to choose your required transfer. Our professional driver will wait for you on the place and in the time which you choose (7 days a week/24 hours).

Except tourists, the services of taxi Vienna Bratislava are used also by managers and clients travelling to business meetings, seminars or conferences. To be at the place of destination on time and without any stress is top priority for them.

For a better overview and more information have a look at the references of clients, who have already travelled with us.

Sources: https://www.wien.info/ , https://www.shutterstock.com/

Come and visit Vienna
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Come and visit Vienna
The private comfortable taxi to the centre of Vienna will be arranged by our Taxi Wien Bratislava taxi service
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