Frosted pads - blue (2pcs)


35 Kč


Pair of blue YOYOFFICER Frosted pads

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These are the less responsive pads from YOYOFFICER. They are a little bit thiner than the original black ones. That gives the string a little bit more space in the gap which means that the yoyo is going to slow down a bit less during complicated combos. On the other hand you need to bind a bit harder to get the yoyo back. If you're starting out we would recomend the original black version. If you're a bit more advance, you can bind properly and you're looking for less responsivnes - blue pads are the ones to get. 

Packaging contains a pair (2pcs) of 19mm response pads. These fit 95% of yoyos on the market today. If you're not sure about that, feel free to email us at - we'll help you out! 

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