Classic USA Kendama


360 Kč


A great alternative to Sunrise. Made by Kendama USA.

More details

The cheapest and simplest model from the american manufacturer - Kendama USA. Classic  is made from birch wood which is very light and quite soft. Even thanks to this they managed to make a kendama which is perfectly balanced. That means 50/50 weight distribution when both the Ken and Tama weigh equal 70 grams. Which is more than ideal for spacewalk and lunar type tricks. 

Classic has no surface finish or a special feature. It's just a core, basic model for a basic price. That doesn't mean that you can do less stuff with it. Ballance tricks are a bit easier for example. That's because the raw wood is a little bit sticker than the paint coated one. One of the ways how you can look at this Kendama is that the harder the basics, the easier  are the advanced combos. The Classic has the traditional "kaizen" assembly.

Maintenance requires just a string change
Made in China
Designed in USA
Assembly: Kaizen (traditional)
Height / Size: 18cm / standard
Wood: beech wood
Tama surface: glossy
Material wood

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