Fidget Dice (large)


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Fidget Dice is a pocket toy for all of us who can't keep still. Large version - 33mm.

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Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll, Spin!

fidget away

A lot of yoyo players started to throw just because they are exactly the sort of a person who just can’t keep still. They are the person who constantly clicks their pen, they tap their fingers on the table, bounce their leg or they order leaflets and magazines in a waiting room. And that’s exactly the sort of a person who is going to love the Fidget dice. 

fidget away

It fits perfectly into a pocket, it is made from a pleasant material, you can play with it discreetly (either when you don’t want to disturb everyone or if you want to hide your nervousness) and most importantly - it is so satisfying to use. Each of the six sides has a different use:

fidget away

  • five rubberised buttons. Three of which produce a very satisfying clicking sound (similar to a pen), the rest is designed for silent fidgeting.
  • joystick which you probably recognise from various game remotes. Tilt it where-ever you want, it always centres itself back where it started.
  • small switch for rocking back and forth
  • small, zen-like indentation for a silent peace of mind
  • rotating disc shaped side with a knob to hold on to
  • metal, spinning ball which you can also click. And three small, rotating plastic cogs bellow it.

fidget away

Those of you who suffer from a constant need to play with something need no more description. But for everyone else: Fidget Dice helps you focus and concentrate while you study, work, commute, sit in meetings, read, watch Netflix… No-one is going to tell you off for a constant clicking of your pen or finger taping. If you’re stressed out by hoards of people on public transport you’ll certainly appreciate a small, pocketable thing which can help you take your mind of everyone. If you’re mindlessly staring into a 4000 lines long Excel table, it can suddenly make  more sense if you can press your favourite button again and again. Last but not least - it is so unconsciously, satisfying to do something manual in our lives - you would not believe. 

fidget away

Large dice has 33 millimetres, has silicone surface, the buttons are made from rubber and the metal ball can be pressed.

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