Shu-ta yoyo


1 400 Kč


Shu Takada x Gentry Stein = Shu-Ta

More details

This is a collaboration between two different worlds. And between two different World champions. 2012 World YoYo Champion Shu Takada (Japan) tweaks 2014 World YoYo Champions Gentry Stein (USA) yoyo Shutter. 

The basic principle is very simple, Shutter is the basis and Yoyofactory asked Shu Takada what does he like or dislike about it. After some thought Shu decided that the new co-lab should be made from higher quality aluminium  (7075 instead of 6061) which is denser and harder. He also requested some minor tweaks to the centre of the yoyo which is now much better at doing horizontal finger grinds. A new bearing was thrown in (CenterTrack instead of FLAT) as well. But the biggest change is visible from the profile. You can almost call the yoyo H shape now. The step which transforms the centre of the yoyo towards the rims is now much steeper more profound. That gives the yoyo more solid, planted feel. It’s also less willing to change direction so this yoyo is really for players looking for stability rather than nimbleness.

Diameter (mm) 56
Width (mm) 44
Weight (grams) 68.3
Response system 19mm pads
Ballbearing Center Track
Ballbearing size C (large) 6.35mm x 12.7mm x 4.52mm
Bind required? unresponsive yoyo which requires a bind to return
Shape Butterfly
Maintenance requires string and response system change
Made in China
Designed in USA x Japan
Gap fixed

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