Using frequency drives

Frequency drives are an increasingly widespread way of regulating drives. And without exaggeration we can say that they belong to every modern operation. They combine several advantages, allowing you to use an electric motor or other devices much more efficiently and safely. With a frequency drive, you simply take your operation to the next level. For your better overview, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the use of frequency drives .

For which environment are frequency drives suitable?
frequency drive
Frequency drive

Frequency drives are already suitable for dusty or humid environments or environments with a risk of explosion. In this case, however, it is necessary for the frequency converter to be structurally adapted for use in such an environment. An example is the VYBO X550 frequency drive suitable for pumps or air conditioning. It features an IP 65 degree of protection, so it is resistant to splashing water and dust.

How does a frequency drive protect an electric motor?

The frequency drive makes it possible to effectively reduce shocks during starting and coasting, thus contributing to the saving of electric motor components. With the help of a frequency converter, you get the opportunity to regulate the speed of the electric motor and playfully manage smooth starts and deceleration. At the same time, the frequency converter ensures that the motor is not exposed to voltage fluctuations.

With which devices can frequency drives be used?

Today, modern frequency drives can be used with a wide range of electronic devices. Frequency drives can be used to control electric motors, electric gearboxes, pumps and various other machines in industry as well as in gardens and workshops.

Are frequency drives expensive?
frequency drive
Frequency drive

Frequency drives are available in various price categories. Frequency drives for common use from the Standard series are available for several tens of euros, so it is an affordable option with a wide range of control options. In addition, the new frequency drive can be configured to exactly suit your needs and requirements.

When will my return on the frequency drive return?

In addition to safety and higher control comfort, frequency drives also bring significant energy savings. However, the specific time to return an investment in a frequency converter is very individual and depends on many factors.

If you want to know more about the return on your investment in a frequency drive, do not hesitate to contact our professional team.

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